We’re building a new country. A place where everyone has a vote.

Look up. There are blue skies and no glass ceilings.

In our country we value freedom. Freedom to find yourself, freedom to be yourself and freedom to own what you create.

We’re about ideas as big as the horizon.

And results that make those ideas worth doing.

In our country we talk. We’re women after all. We talk and we listen. And we hear how our differences make us the same.

In our country, we care about those who give us a chance. Those who entrust their fate to us.

There aren’t big clients or little clients. Just people who need us to do our very best. An ally who fights for their business.

We strive to be recognized for the difference we make to the tough challenges our clients face.

The innovators, the visionaries, the leaders who are changing this world. For the better.

Welcome to A Country for Jane.

Can you hear the wind blowing?

That’s change coming and once you’ve crossed into our borders, we’re sure you’ll never want to go back.

a country for jane

Full service marketing innovators


An independent, innovative and brave new agency that operates from the knowledge that business with heart is the new black. We aim to change the value creativity brings to business.

9 The Straight Ave & Forest Road,

Pineslopes, Fourways


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